(Nov. 6, 2009) —  Yesterday, House Representative Michele Bachman presided over one of the most unusual gathering of citizens in the country, called on just days’ notice, held on the steps of the U.S. Capitol building.  The protest aimed at getting attention of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi; and communicating to her the profound, grassroots opposition to the Federal Government’s control and mandate of health care coverage.

Cynthia Dizikes of the Minnesota Post reported Bachman’s words, in part:

“You came for an emergency House call,” Bachmann, R-Minn., yelled to the sign-waiving crowd. “And are they going to listen? Oh yeah, oh yeah. They’re going to listen. It was Thomas Jefferson who said a revolution every now and then is a good thing. What do you think?”

The crowd met Bachmann’s question with a thunderous roar. Homemade signs that offered suggestions like “No Obama Care,” “You Can’t Fix Stupid” and “Waterboard Congress” were hoisted higher into the air.

And indicated other notables who attended:

Bachmann was joined on steps of the Capitol by many other GOP lawmakers, including Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio, Republican whip Eric Cantor of Virginia and Rep. Tom Price of Georgia.

Actors John Voight and John Ratzenberger, who played Cliff on the TV series “Cheers,” also accompanied the House members and rallied the gathered protesters.

Gateway Pundit, offered pictures and video of the rally, yesterday.

YouTube has 2 videos on speeches given during the rally, Mark Levin:

And John Voight:

If any reader knows of a video of Bachmann at the rally, please send the URL by posting a comment below.

Finally, it should be noted that Congress can pass the bill; but there is no legitimate President to sign it, without whose signature it cannot become law.  The Health Care Bill will be, thus, the litmus test of liberty; whether America succumbs quietly to usurpation and tyranny, or breaks free.

In response to the Rally, Pelosi announced merely a 72 hour delay on voting on the bill.

Andrea Shea King, just moments after returning to Florida from the Rally, submitted to The Post & Email this photo of the citizens gathering before it began:



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