Tomorrow is Veterans Day, commemorating our men and women who fought (and died) to keep this country free under the Constitution and Bill of Rights established by our Founding Fathers.

Obama haloOn November 4, 2008, Barack Hussein Obama was elected to the office of president of the United States. The evidence grows that Obama is not an American citizen, was not eligible to the office he holds, should never have been allowed on the ballot in any of the 50 states.

1. Not one of the Senators of Representatives in Congress has actually seen Obama’s birth certificate. They have seen pictures of a document posted on the internet, but they have not seen the actual birth certificate.

2. Hawaii claims to hold a birth certificate for Obama but that does not mean Obama was born in Hawaii. At the time Obama contends he was born (1961), Hawaii (Act 96, Session Laws of 1911, Special Session of 1909 and the Organic Act) allowed for the birth registration, in Hawaii, of foreign-born children. Until the actual birth certificate is produced and examined; where Obama was actually born is unknown and unproven.

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