9/11 Was No ‘Terror Attack’

We have to understand that we are NOT in a “War on Terror” any more than WW2 was a “War on Blitzkreig”. You can’t be at war with a tactic.

9/11 was no “terror attack”. It was an Islamic military attack against the infidel worlds economic, military and political centers. It was designed to collapse the west in four aerial strikes of the “Saifullah” (The Sword of Allah….the same sword that appears on the Saudi flag). It nearly succeeded.




The hard truth is that we are in an ISLAMIC WORLD WAR. Yes….an ISLAMIC WORLD WAR. Let’s look at the FACTS:

Islam against the:
– Catholics in the Philippines
– Christians in Indonesia & Malaysia
– Buddhists in Thailand
– Hindus in India
– Zoroastrians in Iran
– Chaldean Christians in Iraq
– Jews in Israel (and everywhere else they live)
– Coptic Christians in Egypt
– animists & Christians in the Sudan
– Jews in Yemen
– Christians in Nigeria
– athiests in Europe
– schoolchildren in Beslan Russia
– train commuters in Spain
– tube commuters in London
– office workers in New York (twice!)
– Defense workers at the Pentagon
– Jewish centers in Buenas Aries, Caracas, Mumbai, Toronto & Seattle
– Christian schoolgirls in Indonesia (beheaded)
– Journalists like Daniel Pearl (beheaded)
– Nicholas Berg, Jack Hensley, Eugene Armstrong, Piotr Stanczak, Kim Sun-Il (beheaded)
– Cinematographers like Theo Van Gogh (slaughtered in broad daylight on the streets of Amsterdam)
– Jews in Saudi Arabia (exterminated by Muhammeds genocide)
– Jews in Yemen (soon to be exterminated after living there for over 2,000 years)
– infidel Korean tourists in Yemen (blown up)
– infidel Australian tourists in Bali (blown up, twice)
– Jewish cafe patrons in Israel(blown up repeatedly)
– women (subjugated, oppressed, beaten, sexually mutilated, honor killed, acid attacked)
– gays (routinely lynched & murdered)

Just a few misguided misunderstanders of Islam hijacking a noble religion of peace? NO.

worldTradeTowersThis started in 622 AD when Muhammed left Mecca for Medina, and began his campaign of terror, slaughter, enslavement, rape, looting and subjugation, and has been burning non-stop ever since. The much maligned “Crusades” should be more appropriately called the “ANTI-CRUSADES”, because it was Europe who was being invaded by the marauding Islamic armies first, not the other way around. Ask the Sikhs and Hindus of India about their centuries old fight against Islam. Ever wonder why the great Cathedral of St. Sophia is now a mosque?

This is not us against them, and never has been. This is Dar al-Islam against Dar al-Harb (the ‘infidel’ world) in an Allah inspired, Qur’an sanctioned, Muhammed mandated ‘holy war’ of Islamic supremacy.

The ISLAMIC WORLD WAR. Let’s start calling it what it really is


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