What’s Wrong with this Picture?????

What’s wrong with this picture??


6 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with this Picture?????

  1. This guy is truly anti-American, by his Marxist actions and his obviously stupid behavior. We have to throw him out the big question is how? There do not appear to be any honest judges. The Constitution is used by this administration as toilet paper. How is Cap and Trade and Health Care possibly Constitutional? Will we get a shot in the courts? Doubtful!

  2. The flag is the standard of the men and women that the man acting as their commander in chief doesn’t regard as worthy of his respect.
    He disses the flag, our military, our citizens. And he is proud to do so.

  3. I just found the story behind the picture. It was during veterans day at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. This guy is not American or for America.

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