Obama and the Leaders of Islam; Allies under the Crescent Moon

For the first time, I’m acutely aware of Ramadan.  I’m not a Muslim – I’m a Methodist.  I’m also a private investigator who spent Ramadan working on a case in Atlanta with law enforcement from Texas, New York, Georgia and the FBI.

I’ve had opportunity to interact with the Muslim community in Atlanta and observe Muslims as they come and go from several of the three dozen mosques in metro Atlanta – the largest of the mosques being Al-Farooq Masjid, a $10 million edifice with a 65-foot dome over the main prayer hall.

I want it made clear from the outset; This mosque has the same kind of facilities that many churches and synagogues have – beautiful architecture, comfortable accommodations, formal and informal meeting areas and a private school with limited private bus service.  I have also seen those who leave this mosque, many with a smile and a kind word.  They wish to keep their religion as they see fit and wish to harm no one.  But that’s where the similarities end.

I’ve seen many more with anger and contempt in their eyes and with no regard for interacting with anyone other than another Muslim, usually a radical. And this isn’t just during Ramadan – it has become a way of life.

The radical Muslim community of Atlanta – large and getting larger – is made up of people who want to kill non-Muslims.  It’s in their tone, their rhetoric, their persona – their eyes.  They hate non-Muslims.  Period.   They’re living here, in this country, protected by our laws and allowed to move about freely and plot jihads at will.  And they only have to get it right once – as was nearly the case with the two college age terrorists from Atlanta who were convicted this past summer.

Ehsanul Islam Sadequee and Syed Haris Ahmed were plotting a jihad in Atlanta.  They were funded well enough to travel to Canada and meet with members of a terrorist cell there, then provide surveillance tapes of potential targets, including the nation’s capitol, to a known terrorist in London.  And they attended mosque in what became Al-Farooq Masjid, the Atlanta mosque I just mention – the one with the beautiful architecture and private school buses.

There’s another difference I’ve seen in these people – the radical Muslims.  It’s an attitude of unbridled arrogance since Barack Obama has taken office.  They are embolden by a man, now president, who was educated in a Muslim school and has already been around the world apologizing for Americans being upset with radical Muslims – like those who killed thousands of innocent people on September 11th.  They are empowered when Obama brings Islam into the White House, hosting a dinner honoring Muslims at the start of Ramadan.

Many presidents have issued statements of support and goodwill to the Muslim community at the start of Ramadan – Obama gives the radical Muslims a presidential seal of support.

These people – these cowards who use religion to justify the murdering of innocent men, women and children while they beat their women for the slightest breach of what they claim are laws – these people are our enemy.  For them to be invited to the White House for Ramadan is an abomination and it disgraces the memory of those who where killed when this country suffered its most devastating terrorist attack.

A group of 19 Muslims did that.

And there has been no concerted effort on the part of the Muslim community to help us fight terrorism.  No leader of Islam has ever said, “Ok, we know this is wrong and from now on we’re going to help root out and turn over all terrorists in our midst for the greater good of the world.”  It just hasn’t happened.  Instead, Muslim leaders harbor and give aid to the radicals, who hide behind this country’s religious freedom.

Freedom of Religion is a basic and cherished Right.  Using it to murder people is wrong.  Until the Muslim leaders and Barack Obama decide to hunt these murdering cowards down, rather than sit around and pat each other on the back to show how “politically correct” America has become, then Obama and the leaders of Islam are no different than those 19 low-lifes that flew planes into the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and a field in Pennsylvania.


1 thought on “Obama and the Leaders of Islam; Allies under the Crescent Moon

  1. Good article, well expressed! We need more voices like this, cautioning the evil of the religion, their jihad against Liberty from the God whose name was never allah.
    Funny, how the people of Islam are quite vocal about subjugating the world to their insanity, and their non-muslim supporters, cheer them on, ignorantly joining the jihad.

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