The U.S. Constitution 2.0, The Obama Rewrite

The Obama Administration is developing a new socialist constitution for America to replace the original Constitution written by our Founders. Every single one of these huge bills being rammed through congress is simply another article of the Obama constitution which allows no amendments by Republicans.

The people need to understand that these huge 1000 to 2000 page bills – the 111 Congress agenda – are all parts of one master blueprint for a new socialist government. The master plan has been split up into different component pieces so that the people won’t notice how they will all fit back together until after they become law.

In a building blueprint for example, you have a page for the foundation, a page for the framework, a page for the plumbing, a page for the electrical system, etc. It doesn’t become a building until all of the drawings and diagrams are built and integrated together.

It seems that everyone wants to focus on the details of the Healthcare bill, the Cap & Trade bill, the Stimulus bill, and others that have and will come up. We want to pick apart each bill and say “you can’t have this in there” and “you can’t have that in there,” while overlooking the larger picture. Each bill is simply one page in the overall plan to redesign America into a socialist state.

This is why each and every conglomeration of legislation this congress has been working on all year is critical to the Obama agenda. They must all be passed or the master plan cannot function as designed. No trace of capitalism can remain or the socialist system won’t work.

The old building must be torn down and the lot cleared before the new building can be built, and that is precisely what the Obama is doing now to our economy. The free market economy must be destroyed before the new socialist economy can be installed.

This explains why nothing the Obama has done has promoted free enterprise or helped small businesses. Small businesses contain a huge resource of potential government dependents if the Obama can cause them to become unemployed. Government dependents are good for socialism and they generally vote for Democrats.

The blueprint doesn’t stop at our shores. This is a global blueprint that extends all the way to Geneva; to Copenhagen; to China; to the Mideast; and of course, to the U.N. It’s an open door to a one world government under the pretense of controlling global warming which is another page in the blueprint that uses the same kind of lies and false pretenses that are being applied to the economy and healthcare. There is no end to the lies and deceptions coming from the Obama.

Whether on the global or domestic scale, they are the methods, strategies, and philosophies of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, polarize it.” The bankers and mortgage brokers became the target. The healthcare providers and insurers became the target. The energy producers are next to be targeted for assassination by the Obama machine gun. The war on drilling has already begun.

There is no energy crisis in this country, but there will be if the Obama has his way with pushing electric cars onto a public that doesn’t want them. All of our electrical energy needs can be easily met with an electric grid powered by nuclear power plants. But if we did that then the government wouldn’t be in control of the grid and GE wouldn‘t stand to profit. To the Obama, nuclear means only bombs, so no new nuclear power plants will be allowed under this administration – at least not in our country, but they’re fine in Iran.

Global socialism can only succeed if nations are willing to unite under a one world government. That means we are not allowed to have enemies, which is why Obama is making nice with Islam and Islamic terrorists. If the Obama can convince them that he is not George Bush, then maybe they will like us. I realize it is insane thinking, but it is the Obama’s thinking.

Somehow he seems to have the idea that we are under threat from, and being attacked by, Islamic radicals because they don’t like us for something that we’ve done. It has nothing to do with their religion, right? So the solution to this problem is to make nice with them and show them that things will be different now with this imitation president.

Attorney General, Eric Holder, had already guaranteed the “successful guilty outcome” of the New York Five trial in an attempt to calm our concerns. So if that’s the case, why have the trial at all if the outcome is already decided? Why not expedite the process with a military tribunal rather than spend millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money on this kangaroo court? The answer is that it will not be the terrorists who are being tried; it will be the Bush administration’s policies and efforts to protect our country that will be on trial.

Why were these five terrorists picked for the New York trial? Two of them, Khalid Sheik Mohammed and Waleed bin Attash are two of the three detainees who have been waterboarded, and the other three, Ramzi bin al-Shibh, Mustafa Ahmad al-Hawsawi, and Ali Abd al-Aziz Ali are claiming to have been subjected to other forms of torture. This is, no doubt, what a large portion of the trial will focus on as well as other methods of the Bush administration to protect our country from attacks – methods that are being repealed by the Obama.

I don’t need to tell you what a threat to our national security this will be when all of our intelligence-gathering methods and interrogation techniques are discussed in open court and made available to the enemy that the Obama doesn’t recognize. This, in addition to the security risks and expense being presented to New York, shows the incompetence and naiveté of this administration.

Khalid Sheik Mohammed wants to die as a martyr. Little does he suspect that among his 72 virgins will likely be Janet Reno, Madeline Albright, and Helen Thomas. The way to become a martyr is to go down fighting for Islam and Allah.

That is exactly what this New York show trial will give him – an international soapbox to espouse his beliefs and hatred. Instead, he should get a military tribunal followed by execution in a sausage machine then fed to the hogs. That is the fate he deserves, not the dignity and respect that Obama wants him to have in a civilian trial as an American citizen which he is not.

The Obama says he wants to show the world how fair our court system is. What foreign country gives a hoot about how fair our domestic court system is? What concerns them is our foreign policy. Whose side is the Obama on? It’s hard to choose between the communists and the Islamics.

The talking heads in Washington and on the news channels are doing their best to mislead the ignorant sheeple by calling what the 911 highjackers did “a crime.” It was not a “crime.” There is no law on the books that says you can’t fly a plane into a building. It was an act of war. Bush understood that; the Obama doesn’t.

And don’t be fooled by the deception coming from this administration that AG, Eric Holder, made the decision to hold civilian trials for terrorists all by himself. This decision came down from the very top of the administration. The Obama is quite content to allow all of the Islamic propaganda that will be featured in the trial to be spread around the globe to demonstrate to the Islamic world how fair and unbiased he is toward Islam. He would like them to think that the rest of us feel the same way… except the conservatives.

When it comes to granting and protecting the so-called rights of terrorists, they say the Constitution must be followed to the letter. But when it comes to the actions of congress and this administration – and protecting the rights of American citizens – the Constitution doesn’t seem to exist. This government is already operating under the new Obama constitution 2.0.

When our country was founded, the Founders spent years of hard work to develop our Constitution which provides the framework for the country and the federal government. Obama’s socialist constitution is already written and will replace the Constitution our Founders provided in a very short period of time if we are unable to stop it.

When Obama said “We are just 5 days away from fundamentally transforming America,” we understood his intentions, but hadn’t seen the plan. Now we are seeing his blueprint coming out of congress under the guise of healthcare, economic recovery, global warming, and other contrived frauds, but it’s only recently that we can see how it all fits together into a new Constitution for a socialist America. In other words, we saw the intent before but not the plan. Now we see the plan – and it’s shocking.

We need to stop bickering over the details in each of these bills in congress and see the larger picture. We need to stop trying to add amendments and repealing others to find some sort of compromise that will allow a bill to pass. This is the most frightening thing that could happen in congress.

No part of this blueprint should be allowed to pass through congress and find its way to the Resolute desk. It’s already too late to stop the Stimulus Bill which was one page of the blueprint. But 85% of that money has yet to be spent and can still be returned to the U.S. Treasury.

Unfortunately, this congress has no intention of doing that as the remainder of the money has already been earmarked, either directly or indirectly, for the election and re-election of more Democrats to congress. Those people will be the tenants who will fill the corporate offices in the socialist building that the Obama has under construction. These piles of legislation must be stopped in congress altogether or the free country we all know and love is finished.


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