Wll Obama Bow to Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?


President Obama may be a brilliant former law professor, gifted community organizer, and silver-tongued orator, but when it comes to insight and sensitivity, this man has all the sophistication of a bloke born and raised in a Kenyan mud hut.


Consider, please: Just as America struggles to recollect its collective wits after a fanatic Muslim gunned down thirteen soldiers in cold blood at Fort Hood, President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder announce a real shocker:
9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will be tried in a New York court near the site of the World Trade Center, the most gruesome notch in the holster of the sub-human killer relic from the 7th century.
How does that feel, those of you who lost loved ones on 9/11, or who had family slaughtered at Fort Hood and whose emotional wounds remain agonizingly raw?
Are you comforted by this clueless president’s moves to make Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as comfortable and protected as a citizen, regardless of the pain afflicted on you and other decent Americans?
And to those brave men and women in harm’s way on the ground in Afghanistan, and others who will soon be deployed: How inspired are you by a Commander-in-chief who cannot make a decision and, when he does, inevitably comes down on the side of the thugs assembled on the other side of the battle field to kill and or maim you and your fellow soldiers?
Cheer up, all!
Remember, because of liberal bleeding hearts like Barack Obama, Khalid has been advised of his Miranda rights and has even been given a swine flu shot!
Welcome to New York, Sheikh!
There is a possible upside to Obama’s latest attack on America: Should a New York jury acquit Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, President Obama will have succeeded in permanently destroying the Democrat party.
THAT would be CHANGE that would benefit America for decades!


Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Should Not Be Put to Death!
In the event that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is convicted of masterminding the 9/11 attacks, he should NOT be put to death.
I repeat, do not kill Khalid Sheikh Mohammed!
Because Islamofascists like Sheikh Mohammed do not fear death.
In fact, they welcome death as an urgent calling from Allah, not to mention the possibility of spending eternity in orgiastic rapture whilst engaged with 72 virgins, should one be fortunate enough to be designated as a Martyr.
By the way, since the term virgin can be correctly applied only until the young woman has been deflowered, can one assume that Allah provides a fresh supply of sweet young thangs every one and again, based on the Martyr’s libido and staying power?
Which prompts an indelicate, but relevant, question: Do they have Viagra in Muslim heaven?
Whatever, the point is that killing this hairy ball of fat would do nothing but send the fool to Paradise, when, in fact, ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ is clearly called for.
To affect an appropriate measure of justice, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed be should tattooed with “Jesus Is My Kind of Jew!” on his forehead and arms, and he should be forced to watch Pat Robertson’s “700 Club” reruns 15 hours a day.
A daily baptizing, suspiciously similar to water boarding, should also be administered until the Sheikh accepts Jesus as his personal savior and Lord, at which point his water boarding should be reduced to every other day.
Pray for the Sheikh: There is simply nothing equivalent to 72 virgins in the Christian faith!


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