It Isn’t Political Correctness; It’s Shariah

By Pamela Geller

In surveying the cultural carnage in the wake of the worst terrorist attack on a military installation in U.S. history, it bears noting that there have been seismic shifts in America. When America was free of the shackles of Islam, say, fifty years ago, the current response to such an attack by an enemy faction would have been unthinkable.

I have watched in abject horror the elites’ stunning reaction to this act of war. The denial, the submission, the excuses, the dodging, the self-flagellation, the shame — the deceiving of the American people by the media, the military, society, law enforcement, authorities and politicians, all the way up to and including the White House — amounts to the enforcement of Shariah law.
Shariah law forbids criticism of Islam. And here we are.
We are witnessing an Islamized America. This is well beyond political correctness. We are enforcing Shariah law. We will not insult Islam — that is Shariah law. We self-censor — that is Shariah law. We disrespect ourselves and our nation so that we might respect Islam. This is dhimmitude. We should be raging; we should be outraged. We should be strategizing for this worldwide conflict. We should be debating about which leader will best handle Islam’s war on the West. And yet we have not one leader who begins to understand the conflict — that’s how feared the subject matter is. Not one leader.
Recently there was an interesting debate at National Review Online between squishy conservatives who soft-pedal Islam and those who stand for the reality of Islamic doctrine, conservative principles, and the essential truth. By and large, the conservatives have dropped the ball on Islamic jihad. This has been made painfully clear by the lack of a leader on the right who speaks to and takes up the fight against the sweeping Islamization of America. America has no Geert Wilders.
The conservatives are not really as bad as the Left on Islam, but they get real only when there is jihadi “intervention” that invades and destroys the delusion of their narrative.
It is interesting to me that the hierarchy of the conservative movement (take CPAC, for example) stays far away from the counter-jihad forces (i.e., Robert Spencer, Andrew Bostom, myself) except at moments like these. Last year there was not one speaker, not one event at CPAC that spoke to the greatest threat this nation faces — which is why I staged the Geert Wilders event at the Omni Hotel during CPAC (but not affiliated with CPAC) last year.
When the reality of war, Islamic doctrine, and bloodshed lays bare the nature of the enemy and the battle we are in, the door creaks open. Robert Spencer starts getting invitations to radio shows, and NRO finally runs pieces by Bostom and Spencer that show up the soft conservative narrative on Islam, which is soft and fuzzy and stupid (i.e., “Islamist” vs. “Islamic”). Of course, we bad boys will be put back in our boxes until the next terrible time the jihad comes calling.
It pains me to say it, but expect to see us more frequently in the coming months and years. For the giant con on the American psyche continues apace: He was a crazy! It was “vicarious” Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder! It was “Pre-Traumatic” Stress Disorder! It was radical extremism! It was part of a tiny fringe! It doesn’t represent Islam!
All lies. He was devout. He was a jihadist. Period. And many Muslims admire what he did. The Left worries about Muslim backlash. How about Muslim backlash against the infidels? Every “Soldier of Allah” who goes jihad is an enemy combatant. Every devout Muslim who believes in the word of the Quran has his or her duty to Islam, his call to jihad. Hence this terrible act of war, the 14,363 Islamic attacks across the world since 9/11, and all of the relentless plots to take down America in the past month alone. Devout Muslims should be prohibited from military service. Would Patton have recruited Nazis into his army?
I am writing this on Veterans Day. I call upon all Americans to step back, consider the unfathomable loss at Fort Hood, the ensuing apologia, and the tragic consequences of such behavior. This is a call to action. You’re either with us or against us.

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