America continues to drink the Kool Aid

imageAmerica continues to drink the poison Kool Aid from this administration regarding health care, contrived environmental disasters and financial waste.  This must be the season of poison drinks because on Nov 18th, 1978 909 men, women and children committed suicide under the care of pervert,  community activist and political manipulator Jim Jones.  We all may vaguely remember him as just a wacko cult leader but he was way more!  Just how did he gain that much influence over so many people?

It was not about sex or religion.  It was about POWER

Jim Jones had one big goal to create a nation that he controlled, funded by U.S. taxpayers’ dollars actually stolen from the corrupt San Francisco political system.  He was heavily involved with politicians, corrupt and otherwise.  He was also involved with community service projects.  He was so highly respected and influential at one time that former members of the white house even had dinner with him.

One of the survivors of the massacre and second in command,  Teresa Buford shared all kinds of details that make Jim Jones a tinge more than a cult leader.  This is a man who had such influence that his church reached 20,000 in the 1970s and his church had 13 buses that would take large groups to any political rally or demonstration he supported.  He was very much into politics and had his followers go from precinct to precinct,  fraudulently voting again and again for George Moscone, causing him to win as Mayor.  No one at the time checked the false voter registration forms.

Jones was known to influence all kinds of public officials through drugs and blackmail if he couldn’t control them.  According to Jeff Schnepper with USA Today,  Jones influenced and manipulated the huge flow of money by controlling workers in the Department of Social Services, Juvenile Hall,  the Public Health Department, and the Offices of County Government.  All the local government was on his payroll and he was the head of the city’s Housing Authority.

He was known to draw in repossessed and foreclosed properties, tax money and assets which added up to many million of dollars.  His endless reaching into the community and community service projects were nothing more than fronts to gain more power and money.  Sex, perversion and religion were just side benefits and distractions to his growing political power and plans.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly we classify tyrants in history to little sound bites or labels so it is easier on our brains to imagine them in existence.  The sad truth is that Castro,  Mussolini,  Stalin and Hitler all came into power as saviors, community organizers and change agents.  None of these horror shows talked about burning Moms and babies, seizing guns, property and rights while stopping all freedoms.  Millions gladly and naively stood behind these men.  In a similar way, Jim Jones was walking down the same track of manipulation, seduction and control, even to the point where his influence meant that 909 people would slaughter themselves.

Just imagine if Jones had not killed himself.  What other position of political power would he have bought himself into?  Would he have become the Governor of California, run for congress or President one day?  I say a big fat yes.  He would have controlled, bribed and threatened his way right into the White House.

Gee……William Ayers, woods foundation connections;  Weather underground terrorists, tax frauds, community organizers caught in voter fraud, lies and distortion, linked several times and in several ways to President Obama.  Does history in fact repeat itself as we forget how a dictator actually represents himself at first?

The executive power grab is afoot with the Government health care bill that has nothing to do with health care but is a control mechanism to excuse stealing from the masses while linking health to almost everything.  If this goes through, we will find new fees, regulations and controls with gun rights,  mental health, transportation,  what we eat and grow,  religious decisions on and on.  You watch,  these will all be linked with health, thus needing more fees and regulation.  Oh yes……headed up by the glorious IRS.

I believe with my deepest heart that history does not have to repeat itself with cult leaders or dictators if we the people remember who we are,  what we treasure and will protect our constitution and Bill of Rights.  Our Declaration of Independence gives us the right to redress and to throw leaders out of office if they don’t represent our freedom and rights.

Mid terms are coming, Tea Parties are growing and the Republican Party had better get its act together in all the states and find someone suitable who can really compete at year four against Obama.  He must be thrown out if freedom is to continue.


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