Obama Momma Nora O’Donnell Attacks Teenage Palin Supporter

By William Kevin Stoos  Friday, November 20, 2009




If anyone ever needed proof of how much the Left fears Sarah Palin, or how desperately MSNBC seeks to generate some news, they need only watch the pathetic attack dog interview conducted by self styled Obama Chick Nora O’Donnell of MSNBC this week. O’Donnell, stalking a line of Palin supporters waiting to get their books signed, like a shark circling its prey, pounced upon a teenage Palin supporter who wore a funny tee shirt lampooning the TARP bailout. It seems that this female Keith Doberman Wannabe just could not wait to engage this unsuspecting young girl in a debate as to whether Sarah was, or was not, in favor of the government bailout.

Of course, this ambush interview had nothing to do with reportage and nothing to do with the merits of Palin’s position on this issue at all. Nope, it was simply one more hit piece by one more MSNBC hit person designed to embarrass this young girl, impugn Sarah and her supporters, and prove once again, how stupid everyone to the right of Keith Doberman, Chris (Tingle Down My Leg When Obama Speaks) Mathews and Nora (Obama Chick) O’Donnell really is.

But, what can we expect from a “news” organization whose sole function in life was to attack the Evil One—George Bush—every evening during the Presidential campaign, ensure that their man Barack was elected, and thereafter, lead the cheers for the Obama Administration. MSNBC (Most Sycophants Nuzzling Barack Constantly) has, like every one of the national news organizations (ABC—All Barack Channel); CBS (Covering Barack Seriously), long since lost any semblance of credibility and is nothing more than a shill for Barack Obama.

Yet, what is it with this constant attack on Sarah Palin? Why are the Left and its Obama- fawning media outlets so desperate to attack Sarah Palin that they stoop to attack little girls in bookstores? It was not enough to trash Sarah and her family during the campaign, in the most vicious conspiracy to impugn a public figure ever undertaken by the mass media; it was not enough for David (Male Chauvinist Pig of the Year) Letterman to make jokes about Sarah’s daughter being raped at a baseball game. Now they resort to stalking lines of Palin fans and embarrassing themselves by asking stupid questions and trying to outsmart teenagers.

The answer is clear: while the Left pretends to be in favor of strong willed, independent, successful women, it only favors them if they are doctrinaire liberals. If women, like Sarah Palin, dare to espouse conservative values, are in favor of traditional marriage, do not believe in killing babies, and dare to think that people can succeed on their own without reliance on Uncle Sugar, then these women—like Sarah—become the enemy. I do not even think the Left realizes its own hypocrisy.

While liberal Democrats and their captive media pretend to champion women’s rights and equality of the sexes, and pretend to be so tolerant of all races, religions, and sexual orientations, they trash a good person like Sarah Palin and now attack little girls who stand in line to get a book signed by her. Of course, this is nothing new. After Obama dissed Hillary—who had far more votes during the Democratic primaries than the middle-aged white man who was picked as the Vice Presidential candidate—Obama sent his female minions who, unfazed by his shunning of Hillary, were nevertheless anxious to do his bidding. They spread across the land to criticize and slander Palin, trash her family, and convince the public that Democrats do not really hate strong willed successful women; rather, they just hate strong-willed successful women who are not liberals.

The only thing stranger than the dissing of Hillary was that Hillary—once dissed—was nevertheless anxious to do Obama’s bidding. She fanned out across the country along with a group of Obama Stepford Sisters, including Janet Napolitano, Kathleen Sebelius and others for the sole purpose of trying to stem the tide of Sarah Mania, which was then sweeping across the land. The only thing more curious than a party that prefers to field an all-male team, is that subservient women of that same party were most willing to trash another woman just because Obama commanded them. Between Hillary, her Stepford Sisters, and the lap dog press, which gets a collective Chris Mathews tingle down their leg whenever they hear Obama speak, the Left pulled out all stops to demean, undermine, and defeat the new girl on the block in 2008. And, as the recent O’Donnell interview with the little girl illustrated, the Left is at it again. It seems that Sarah is just too dangerous and they must continue to attack her lest, some day, God forbid, she may run against The Great Obama.

Sarah Palin’s only fault is that she is clean cut, intelligent, impressive, kind-hearted, endearing, compassionate, successful, religious, family oriented and (God forbid), unabashedly in love with her husband and children. And, she is one tough lady to boot. They just cannot stand this. It strikes fear into them. When Gloria Steinem—who once championed the ideal of the successful, intelligent, independent woman who could do whatever she desired to do—came out during the last election to trash a woman who typifies everything Steinem used to laud, then you know the Left was desperate. It still is. The Left is afraid—pure and simple. Nothing else explains their irrational behavior, their obsession with all things Sarah, and their continued campaign of slander, libel, and recent attacks on her supporters. The Left is, indeed, afraid of girls. They fear that, next time, this girl just might kick their butt


2 thoughts on “Obama Momma Nora O’Donnell Attacks Teenage Palin Supporter

  1. Nora O’Donnell, (never heard of the loon before this ridiculous, petty, biased, blustery attack on a 14 year old girl, who got the best of poor old Nora) is an ape – classless, clueless, vicious, idiotic loon of PMSNBC – perhaps the MOST ridiculous channel on all of TV, and that is saying something. Why it is that the kool aid drinkers like Nora are so amazingly frightened of Palin is becoming clear – the loons of the left recognize in Palin a threat to their existence – much as Ronald Reagan destroyed the democrats – Palin has that special gift of connecting with people on a deep level – which the democrats hate and fear – they don’t want to connect with anyone – they just want to control their base, and Palin represents a clear and present danger to that control – they are pathetic creatures and Nora is so representative of them. Can you imagine having to spend time with someone like Nora? Would be unpleasant, to say the least – the woman is a fruitcake and a bitch. Enough said.

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