Obama Seen As Weak, Cold, Indecisive

Dec. 1, 2009


Jim Meyers says that one year into Barack Obama’s usurpation, his talent for controlling his image seems to be faltering and several anti-Obama storylines are gaining momentum, Politico observed on Monday.

And these storylines are serious threats to Obama if they become widely held views on his actions and motives.

Politico listed seven storylines Obama should worry about:

He thinks he’s playing with Monopoly money.  Obama underestimated the political consequences of appearing to be a profligate spender.  Passage of healthcare reform that is weak on cost control will exacerbate the problem.

Obama has shattered all spending records for in his first year of occupying the Oval Office, his budget plans will create $9.3 trillion dollars in deficits during the next decade, and, he doesn’t seem bothered in the least by this astronomical sum.

Too much Leonard Nimoy.  Several columnists have compared Obama to Mr. Spock of “Star Trek” in that he employs logic without a grasp of the human dimensions of policy.

Obama does not follow the Vulcan path — the path of logic — his demeanor may be calm, cool, and unemotional, but his thought process is driven by raw emotion.  He represents decades of grievance education, America bashing, and misplaced empathy.  There is nothing logical about the man.  Exhibit A is his Stimulus plan.

That’s the Chicago way — intimidation.  The perception is that the Obama White House is dominated by brass-knuckled politicians who want to buy off the people Obama can and “bowl over those he can’t.”

He’s a pushover.  Obama backed down to Democrats on a healthcare vote and to the Israeli government on a settlement freeze, and some insiders “are starting to whisper that he’s a patsy,” the Web site reported.

On at least four occasions this year, Obama set deadlines for Iran to comply with international demands that it demonstrate transparency and cooperation on nuclear developments, but the Islamic Republic has blatantly ignored all deadlines set by Obama to freeze its uranium enrichment program, prompting critics to say that another “deadline” will have little, if any, impact.  On Sunday, Iran announced ambitious plans to construct another 10 nuclear facilities.

He’s more interested in being President of the World than President of the United States and is comfortable with a relative decline in American influence in the world.

Obama is moving towards a world government.  He doesn’t want America to continue to be a superpower.  Right now soldiers are dying because they are in great need of troops overseas and Obama seems as though he could care less.  He seems to be obsessed with power and believes he can make everyone equal around the world.  He has been traveling around the world apologizing for America’s “faults.”  Why is he trying to make friends with the world?  What is really his goal?  Does Obama want to be to be President of the world?

Some Republicans and journalists have concluded that Speaker Pelosi’s achievements outshine Obama’s or come at his expense.

The House Speaker is standing her ground on demands for a government-run plan, even as Obama signaled over the weekend that the “public option” is just that — desirable, but not mandatory in the massive health care overhaul being debated in Congress.

He’s in love with the man in the mirror.  It’s a common theme in Washington.

A picture is worth a thousand words — this man has a pathological love of himself.

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