Silent Scandal

By Nancy Morgan on (Nov 29, 09)

Capitol Hill Coffee House

If a scandal isn’t reported by the media, does that mean it never happened? For the millions of Americans who don’t watch Fox News or listen to talk radio, the answer is a resounding yes.
Last Friday, November 20, evidence came to light that “appears to show a conspiracy to falsify data and suppress academic debate in order to exaggerate the possible threat of man-made global warming.” Translation: The global warming movement rests almost entirely on the IPCC’s claim to represent the “consensus” of climate science. That entire movement now stands discredited.
(Read complete article here.)


One thought on “Silent Scandal

  1. let’s call this the end of cap and trade, people should be tried and put behind bars for perpetrating a fraud world wide for profit. Gore belongs in the same cell with Maddof.

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