Impeach Obama: He is Putting America On Trial for 9/11

Right Side News

Dec. 2, 2009

Written by American Patrol Report Comment

Wednesday, 25 November 2009 06:39
Op-Ed by American Patrol Report

Obama911CrusadersFour times in this YouTube video Obama refers to the Koran as the “Holy Koran.” He also says: Our partnership with the Muslim world is critical for all of us… we will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic world… the United States is not and never will be at war with Islam… many Americans have lived in a Muslim-majority country. I know, because I am one of them. My father came from a Kenyan family that include generations of Muslims.

As a boy I spent several years in Indonesia heard the call of the Azan at the break of dawn. (“The prettiest sound on earth,” he says).

I have known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was revealed. That experience guides my conviction… John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith… we are no longer a Christian nation …
Impeach Obama Now
Obama is a Muslim at heart and he is now going to put America on trial for the 9/11 attacks. He is going to blame our foreign policy for the deaths of all of those innocent people. (See O’Reilly from last night) – He has gone too far. The act of bringing the 911 perpetrators into New York and giving them a platform to spread the message of the “Holy Koran” is an act of treason. He should be impeached and removed from office immediately.
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5 thoughts on “Impeach Obama: He is Putting America On Trial for 9/11

  1. Obama does not serve this countries best interest in my opinion! I do not understand how he is allowed to be in office! Maybe and hopefully we will all wake up and use our rights as Americans to remove people from office that are NOT QUALIFIED !!! I am a taxpayer and I do not give him permission to waste money and kill our economy.

  2. um wow what a statement you have made about obama. i mean this country( which has lived and dined on the blood of indians, asians, and africans)truelly diserves a qaulified president to lead it. i mean obviouesly we need a great leader to come up with ways to get us out of this crappy economy(that bush left us with), some sort of health care reform(which isnt socailist at all but if it was so what and poor people cant aford the basics of health care), immigration problem(which is caused by greedy corporations trying to make more money so they go to these newly developing 3rd world countries and exploit its people), the war in Iraq(which was caused by bush, world bankers, and greedy corporations because supposedly the status quo of the caucasion elite would be threatened),Racism(which was really caused by white people being mutations and the first people making them outcast so they have made it their duty to get back at anyone who is not white) but i see your point obama has to go NOW!!!

    • Thanks for your comment. Obama might not be such a bad guy if he had spent more than 143 days as a Senator. I understand that people need health care but it does not need to be forced upon them or go to jail. By doing that it gives the government the right to take away other freedoms until you have none.

  3. P.s. you do know that you dont REALLY have to pay taxes. there is no place in the constitution that is made legal(meaning its unconstitutional)to pay taxes to the government. the right number of states didnt ratify it back in the day and it was just something that was just passed(without the legal procedures of course) as part of the united states macro-economic system.

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