20 Texas Democrats desert Party, go Republican

The Post & E-Mail

by John Charlton

Upshur Country Court House, Uspher, TexasUpshur Country Court House, Uspher, Texas

(Dec. 2, 2009) — The Democratic National Party has a problem with its name and with its loyalty, and as a consequence members of the party are deserting it, in Texas at least.

The GOP of Texas announced yesterday that 5 more officials in Upshurt Country switched from Democrat to Republican party affiliation.

Their press release read as follows:

We’re pleased to annouce that several more Democratic officeholders have decided to switch parties and become Republicans.  Five elected Democrats in Upshur County – County Judge Dean Fowler, Sheriff Anthony Betterton, District Clerk Carolyn Bullock Parrot, Constable Jason Weeks, and Justice of the Peace Lyle Potter – all announced today that they are now Republicans and will seek re-election as such.  They gave various reasons for their decisions to switch, but it all boils down to one simple fact: The Democratic Party has become too liberal and too statist for Texas voters.  The Democratic Party’s values are out of the Texas mainstream.  The Democratic Party is too beholden to special interests, from MoveOn’s far left agenda to Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Washington Democrats’ drive to have the federal government take over more and more of what was once the private sector, while they drive up the national debt to unsustainable levels and continue to raise our taxes.

Scores of Democrats across Texas like the five who have switched parties today are not so much leaving their party.  Their party, its leadership in Washington and its leadership here in Texas, has left them.  We’re pleased to continue growing the Texas GOP by attracting those who share our conservative values of limited government, strong national defense and robust economic growth via the free market to join us.


6 thoughts on “20 Texas Democrats desert Party, go Republican

  1. I guess it’s better LATE than never. I left the Dem party before the presidential election. If it looks like a Marxist, Quacks like a Marxist, Hangs out with Marxists, must be a COMMIE.
    The Democratic Party of Thomas Jefferson is DEAD, high-jacked by commies in the 1960’s!! May it RIP.
    You must understand the Southern thinking over this switch—it goes back to the Civil War and the ‘Radical Republican’s Morrill Tariff, under the hand of Lincoln, which caused the war. So for us Southern Dem’s to deflect from OUR party, this REALLY means something.

    • Thanks for responding. I guess it’s like Ronald Regan was asked one day, why did you leave the Dem Party? Regan’s answer was, I didn’t, the Dem Party left me.

  2. It’s funny—I was never political minded until 2008—-just worked took care of my family, supported my husband in his Navy endeavors, a good wife.
    I’d always considered myself a “Liberal” aka Democrat, but I can’t remember the last time I voted that way—lol–exception was Hillary and NOW she is on my list of commie lovers! I did not vote for Bill—reminded me of a smooth talking country boy trying to talk a girl outta her underwear! LOL I did NOT fall for it—hahahha
    Their term of Liberal and mine are NOT the same thing—bet they stole that too, just like they did the Dem party.
    Reagan was not perfect, but the man LOVED our Nation….we need another Reagan to pull us together…I hope it’s not too late.

  3. I may be wrong but Sarah Palin seems to have a lot of those qualities as Regan.Most others have been is DC for so long they are like the furniture, a fixture.

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