Earth Day, 1970: Twenty years to live!

Dec. 4, 2009

The American Thinker

Ben-Peter Terpstra
Ask a believer: What’s the difference between climate alarmism and child abuse? If he pauses to think for more than one second, then that’s too long.

Conservatives are American thinkers. Liberals are American feelers.
Remember Earth Day, 1970? Here’s Dan Rozek, writing in the Daily Herald, Sunday 22, 1990:
On the eve of Earth Day 1970, gloomy scientists and environmentalists questioned whether humanity would be around for this year’s 20th anniversary celebration.
Some worried mankind could not long survive without fatally fouling the planet and predicted mass deaths from pollution in 15 to 30 years.
Even if man managed to avoid poisoning himself, the world would look radically different by 1990, visionaries predicted. Sen. Gaylord Nelson, the Wisconsin Democrat who inspired Earth Day, warned in speeches in 1970 that Americans in a few years might have to filter their water several times daily and don gas masks.
Another organizer behind the early Earth Day religion is now sitting in jail, after years on the run.  He murdered his ex-girlfriend.
Ironically considering his alleged concern for the environemnt, neighbors complained about a stinky smell coming from the left-winger’s apartment. For the real gory details – including witness testimonies, chilling re-enactments, and photographs – you’ll have to obtain an old episode of Unsolved Mysteries: Bizarre Murders (Disc 2).
Even some environmentalists admit that hiding a body in your house is not good for the environment. But the real purpose of the so-called green movement is to indoctrinate new members:
At the first Earth Day, some elementary students wore gas masks to show their concern for clean air.
Or did their hippy guardians make them wear gas masks?
Naturally, Rush Limbaugh is right. AGW isn’t a reverse worldwide conspiracy in the Michael Moore-sense of the term, because many leftists have been very open about their weirdo tax-and-spend-one-world religion for decades. It’s more like a cabal for green-priests. (The term apparently derives from Kabbalah.)
History is astonishingly clear:
Some said it was too late, even in 1970, to solve problems of air and water pollution. Others, railing against widespread use of cars, air conditioning and power mowers, predicted American lifestyles would have to become much simpler.
Much has changed since those days, but most of those doomsday environmental calamities failed to materialize. Some other radical changes – the demise of the automobile, for example – also failed to occur.

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