Every Picture Tells a Story

Dec. 8, 2009

Thanks J.C.

See the white guy in the white suit…see the blond with the white dress…see the guy in the middle? This picture was taken a few years ago.  It seems Obama has known these two phonies for awhile, at least when he was a senator.  They are getting all this press now as party crashers and the secret service is taking heat.  Funny how this has not come out in the press. I wonder where Michelle was ???


3 thoughts on “Every Picture Tells a Story

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  2. Hi 1dragon!

    have you been leaving comments on my blog?

    I saw some from a non-wordpress blogger (didn’t show their blog web address)… or perhaps it was you but you were not logged into wordpress?

    I just need to verify you are not getting scammed by an id faker…

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