Obama only acknowledges inheriting Bush mistakes, never his successes

American Thinker

Neil Braithwaite
In case you’ve been on another planet for the last ten months, you know that President Obama’s standard answer for the economic meltdown, and his anemic prescription to fix it, has been that the blame rests wholly on his predecessor. “I inherited this” has been Obama’s mantra from day one of his Presidency with regard to any problem he encounters.

In a revealing testament to President Obama’s true character, last week when he and his administration touted the success of the TARP program and how banks were paying back their bailout money — with interest — he never once gave credit to the President responsible for the TARP program.

Likewise, when it was proposed in November by the Obama administration to use TARP funds to help with housing and cut the deficit, the President responsible for the TARP program was somehow never mentioned.

And more recently, in last week’s economic summit, when it was proposed that “unused” TARP money be used for unemployment and job creation, once again, President Obama never mentioned the President responsible for that program.

During a policy speech regarding “his” new surge strategy in Afghanistan, President Obama also failed to give credit to that same President, who just happened to be responsible for that same successful “surge” strategy used in Iraq.

Just who is this former President that the smartest President ever elected looks to for his first opportunity to actually succeed in anything?

Let’s wait and see if President Obama holds a prime-time news conference anytime soon to announce the name of that remarkable President — and maybe even thank him.


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