The man who can bring down the Obama regime

Coach is Right

In April of 2009, Barack Obama named Kenneth Melson acting director of
the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Today, this attorney and longtime
bureaucrat possesses information which could bring down A.G. Eric Holder and
perhaps Barack Obama himself.

As head of the ATF it was Melson who oversaw the Fast and Furious
project, begun only a few months after his appointment and now responsible for
the sale of more than 2000 weapons to straw purchasers for Mexican drug

He helped facilitate the “walking” of these guns across the Mexican
border, instructing agents to not interfere with the process. He even watched
closed circuit broadcasts of US border state gun dealers illegally transferring
dozens of weapons to criminal buyers at the instruction of his

After ATF agent and whistle blower John Dodson testified to members
of Charles Grassley’s Senate Judiciary Committee, Melson provided cover for his
bosses at the Justice Department and the White House by saying nothing and
providing nothing but denials in response to Grassley’s demands for

But as the ATF’s Project Gunrunner, or “Gunwalker” as it is more
rightly called and its Phoenix, sister operation, Fast and Furious have become
better known, dragging Eric Holder before Congressional Committees and forcing
employees of his agency to explain their responsibility in the deaths of
American agents, Ken Melson has become a liability to those who selected him and
his days at the ATF appear numbered.

Nevertheless, there is more to the “Gunwalker” story and its
continued cover up than apparent blind loyalty shown by a Regime subordinate to
his bosses.

Around the time Ken Melson was made Acting ATF Director and just
before thousands of guns began briskly “walking” to Mexico, Melson was named
co-chair of the NEWLY CHARTERED White House Subcommittee on Forensic

seems Melson
“…has been running around the country for quite a while…trying
to convince everyone that his OTHER organization, ASCLD/LAB should be legislated
into permanently overseeing the forensic science system of the U.S.”

And what better way to assist that “other organization”– ASCLD/LAB,
the American Society of Crime Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board, upon
which Melson sits as a director–than to own his own little White House
subcommittee which can write the rules according to which all forensic labs must

So for three years, Melson has traveled the nation, not on behalf of
the ATF, but giving lectures and trying to take over the field of

Did Melson agree to do the Obama Regime’s ATF “gun Walking” in return
for White House clout and a blank check in pursuit of a forensic laboratory

Will Melson go quietly under the Obama bus in return for Obama’s
assurance of continued support for his dream of forensic manifest

If Melson makes a deal with Charles Grassley or Darrell Issa, it
might keep him out of the slammer, but the rest of his shameless, alternate
career mongering will be over. And so might be the reign of Obama the First. We
are in for some interesting times.

So the next time a gun is sold, remember the ATF can’t tell if the
buyer is a law abiding American citizen or a Mexican drug lord.

Then again, maybe the Obama Administration just doesn’t see much

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4 thoughts on “The man who can bring down the Obama regime

  1. At the time I wrote this piece for the “Coach is Right” blog, it looked as though Ken Melson’s days at the ATF were numbered. He was expected to be next on the President’s bus list. But not only has Melson refused to be the fall guy, he is scheduled to provide testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee some time in July. As Ranking Member, Charles Grassley has pressed the ATF and the DOJ for information on “Gunwalker” and Fast and Furious and it appears he might succeed in getting it. The disgraceful scheme on the part of the Obama Regime to undermine the 2nd amendment rights of the American people is very much before the public eye and neither Grassley nor Rep. Darrell Issa will permit the perps to run and hide.

    • Thanks for your comments and I hope you don’t mind me using your story. I am not out for any profit and I always try to source mu stories and gige credit where credit is due. I am just out there trying to get the word out. I did hear the other day that the DOJ was trying to keep anyone from appearing before Congress but now it looks like it will happen. I guess they got everyones story straight on what to say. Great piece of work you did, hope to read more of your work.

  2. On July 4th, Ken Melson went before representatives of the Grassley/Issa committees with his personal attorney to give testimony on Fast and Furious/Project “Gunwalker”. His appearance was part of a deal worked out by far left Senator Patrick Leahy in which Grassley would relinquish holds he had placed on 3 Obama federal appointments. Although Melson’s testimony is due to be released to the public at some point, it is reported that he accused the DOJ (and Eric Holder specifically) of muzzling top ATF officials, preventing them from testifying before the Grassley/Issa committees. More important is his claim that Holder provided the committees with false denials of DOJ involvement in and knowledge of the Fast and Furious scheme. In a letter sent to Holder after the MElson testimony, Darrell Issa claimed Holder “…distorted the truth and obstructed our investigation.” This is going to get pretty hot for Mr. Holder in a quick hurry!

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