In Memory of Gregory Kirk Moore

Kirk was born on June 28, 1970 and on November 20 he passed away at the age of 39. Kirk spent a lot of time with his brothers. Playing as a kid, growing up, getting into arguments, you know the things that brothers do. Like most people, Kirk had his share of problems but that didn’t stop him from being there if he was needed.

I remember when Kirk was about two years old, I convinced him that his name was Sam. His Mother was highly upset with me and it took her several weeks for her to convince him that his name wasn’t Sam. It must of made an impression on him because a short time later they got a cat and Kirk wanted to name it Sam. Well Sam it was.

Kirk loved to fish, everytime I would travel to Florida for a visit, Kirk always wanted to know when I was ready to go fishing. The last time we went fishing, one of my sons caugt a small hammer-head. Kirk took a picture of him with the hammer-head. After words we threw it back in the water.

Part of my life growing up was spent around Kirk and his brothers. I watched them play as kids, and grow up into adults. They have been many prayers said over the past few weeks asking God to watch over Kirk and to help him through this difficult time. Well I guess God felt Kirk had suffered enough and thought it was time for Kirk to come home. There is a special place for Kirk in all of our hearts because in some way shape or form he has touched all of us. Kirk may have been my Nephew, but he was also a friend and to have a family member who is also a friend is something a lot of people can’t claim.


19 thoughts on “In Memory of Gregory Kirk Moore

  1. There’s a child that cries all alone
    That turns into a man made of stone
    The child you sit and wonder why
    The child in him will never die

    Can you see him in the biggest of view
    The child, the man ,who wanted to
    I see him in his biggest debut
    The man, the child, who never knew

    In the dark you see the light
    The child, the man, the inner fight
    Which comes out strong and seen
    But the man and all his hopes and dreams

    C. Rich



  3. Terry,

    Thank you for the tribute. Kirk and I often spoke of you, all the great time we spent together growing up. All 4 of us have as a matter of fact. I being the oldest have the majority of the memories from then, except for you and mom. I can tell you that Kirk thought much more of you than an Uncle. He saw you as a friend, a mentor, and an example of hard work and dedication. While I am thankfull that he is with God, I am still going to miss my little brother.

    • I am sorry that I could not have done more. Part of my life growing up with you guys was a time that I will never forget. The times when Mitch would go into my room and scratch up all my records, having my socks stolen, I remember it well and wouldn’t change a minute of it. Though Kirk will no longer be with us, we do have our memories of him and we will always have those.

  4. I just want to say that kirk is missed very much and me selena his wife….and our children keep him in our thoughts every second of the day. We keep him alive in our hearts. We love you kirk and we will see each other again one day! Until then you keep watching over our children because I know you do because you were such an awesome father!!!!!!! LOVE YOU BABE!!!!!!!

    • Thank you for your comments. Kirk was surrounded by people who loved him very much and he is watching over us all. He will be missed but never forgotten.

  5. i miss my father….so much.
    it kills me everyday. its funny how i came across this site i was just looking around for info about dad. and i found this…..i just want him to know that i am so sorry, and i forgive him…i never got to tell him that. i just wish i would have been there for him…. i could of kept him out of jail when he went in… he asked me for the gun, he told me what he was doing, and i still gave it to him, i never told the family that, for fear they would have been angry with me. i left to my moms and being so self centered i didn’t even thank him for all he did… sure he hurt me, like you would never know, all the things he did…and did not do, they tore me to shreds, but he also did more than my mother or my real “dad” ever did for me. he made me into who i am today.

    we all miss you dad.
    i am so sorry. i love you man.

    and i am sorry i never took you fishing like i said…..i should have made more time….i am so sorry

    • Thank you for your comments Steven. I have only spent a short time with you but if you have learned anything from Kirk, you would have learned that it is wrong to hold a grudge, even if it toward yourself. And if you don’t remember anything else from me always remember this, Learn from your mistakes. Kirk was the type of person who would be there if you needed him. He was a caring and loving person. He wasn’t perfect, but no one is and that made him unlike anyone else. He wouldn’t want you to get depressed because he is not around any more he would want you to help keep the family together, help take care of things the best you can, and let your family know how much you love them. Kirk is in a better place now and he doesn’t have to suffer anymore. He, more then anyone else knows how you feel about him and the next time you go fishing, Kirk will be there with you.

    • Steven, bro, you can’t blame yourself. We all love you more than you know, we all miss him. I know he forgave you for everything. Please don’t blame yourself, bro. Really.

      i really do miss Kirk so much. there is not a day that passes that i don’t think of him. I wish i had been closer to him and been better to him. I never realized how much he meant to me until it was too late.

  6. It’s been a year, and yet i cannot comprehend that he’s gone. I have not slept, i looked at the clock and i realized that i am in the hospital, at three o clock in the morning, as was he. what were the thoughts in his mind, was he aware that it would be the day his soul would join the vast corners of the universe? was he aware that my curt, unkind words were nothing more than words? was he aware that i never was able to properly convey my thoughts to him until after his passing? my heart aches and my face crumples in short bursts that send shocks of regret and self loathing through my chest. today, i would sleep, today i would search the vast corners of my own mind to find some peace, today i would love nothing more that to remain anonymous to the entire Universe. these are unrealistic desires. instead i mourn, indeed, and i miss him so dearly, my dear uncle, but i will represent him as best i can. i still wonder whenever i hear a new song or see a movie, i wonder what he would have thought about that? i can only hope that he has evovled past such trivial things, and entered a state of peace and knowledge, knowledge that i love him, knowledge that i miss him.

  7. wow i am so sorry to hear that kirk has passed. i am a friend from about 20 yrs back. i found out something very special recently and was wanting to share the news with kirk. i have not talked or spent time with him since 1991 1992 when he and his mother and brothers mitch and jeff lived off morgan johnson rd. wow. well i guess the good news i wanted to share with him can still be shared. im sure he knows all the way in heaven. I pray that God blesses his wife and children and the rest of his family. with deepest sympothy…. sincerely, jennifer osborne_denny

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