Michelle Obama: The President’s Bitter Half

I never thought I’d find as big a fraud, phony, faker, fibber and hypocrite in high places as President Barack Hussein Obama. But I found one. The president is married to her.

Of course, I know that if you criticize the First Lady, the Obamas immediately go into their standard mode, claiming victimhood and racism. Recall when Mrs. Obama made her infamous remark about being proud of America but did so only after her husband was running for president. After getting hit with criticism, the Obamas went on ABC’s “Good Morning America” to denounce “low class” and “detestable” criticism. Mr. Obama declared his wife to be a “civilian” and exempt from such criticism, as she “didn’t sign up for this.” Of course, those that closely follow the Obamas, get the feeling that they think they are above criticism, and any criticism is illegitimate and quickly branded as part of the “old politics” or “playing games.”
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